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Ojen Masrour, M.D.
21301 Sherman Place, Suite 210
West Hills, CA 91307
Phone: 818-702-9962


First Line Therapy
First Line Therapy
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B1 (Thiamine) Injections in West Hills, CA

Otherwise known at Thiamine, those who are Vitamin B1 deficient may notice difficulty in digesting carbohydrates, may notice increased nerve pain, or find themselves with unexplained leg cramps. Those who drink alcohol regularly may also find themselves Vitamin B1 deficient. Through a series of blood, urine or stool tests, West Hills, CA based Dr. Masrour will be able to identify nutritional deficiencies that you may be experiencing. From there, he may seek to restore your body to its natural balance through vitamin injections including Vitamin B1, when indicated.


21301 Sherman Place, Suite 210, West Hills, CA 91307





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