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Ojen Masrour, M.D.
21301 Sherman Place, Suite 210
West Hills, CA 91307
Phone: 818-702-9962


First Line Therapy
First Line Therapy
Healthy Transformation

Dr. Ojen Masrour - Patient Reviews

Beyond Excellent

Dawn is beyond excellent in all advice and suggestions. She has helped me to keep on the right foods, amounts and food values.
Dawn is a great help for me and my family who have noticed good results in my health!
- David G.

Easy and Painless

I've had great results and I highly recommend this program.
More energy, metabolism booster and no more bloating! Easy and painless.
- Rachel L.


Weight Loss A+
Counseling A+
- Richard S.

Healthier Lifestyle

My experience coming to Dawn over the past eleven months has made a terrific difference not only in my weight loss of 15 pounds but has also made me more "mindful" of a healthier life style by encouraging me to broaden my activities to include more exercise and to keep moving.
- Donna M.

Easy and Nice

Working with Dawn & Dr. Ojen, I found the process to be easy and nice. Feeling much better now, eliminating BP meds, hopefully off them completely.
- Jason B.

Dr. Masrour is an Excellent Doctor

Dr. Ojen Masrour really cares about his patients. He takes the time to listen to you and your needs. He has helped me achieve my goals and getting my A1C sugar level down. His office staff is excellent and really make you feel welcome when you're there, or are available after your visit. If you're looking for a new Doctor and younger and up to date on today's medicine and wellness, make a appointment with Dr. Masrour and you will not regret it. Dr. Masrour also has a nurse practitioner and dietitian on staff that can also help you out.
- Robert S.

Best Doctor in the Valley-Los Angeles!!

Dr. Masrour is Amazing! Seriously best doctor I could've asked for! After moving to Los Angeles from Chicago, I found Him because of proximity, and I'm glad I did! He has seen me through my illness, and has stood by me 100%! He always makes you feel very comfortable and listens to your questions and concerns. Not like some doctors. Don't hesitate to go to him! He's amazing!!!
- Stephanie D.

A Very Satisfied Patient

I would highly recommend Dr. Masrour's First Line Therapy program, which is a doctor supervised, personalized lifestyle modification, that includes weight loss and disease prevention.. Dawn is an excellent nutritionist who has helped and guided me to controlling my diabetes. She is very knowledgeable and explains the plan very clearly. No matter what your health issue is, I am sure this plan will help.
- Denisse L.

First Line Therapy is Great

I have been on the program since the end of June, and have lost 16 pounds. But more importantly, I feel better and have more energy. I find that eating smaller meals throughout the day is very satisfying and keeps me from feeling hungry and reaching for the wrong things. I'm walking more and have gotten my steps up to 8,000 a day and reaching for the 10,000 a day mark.
- Sannon G.

Weight Loss that Works!

After hearing about the program from my doctor, I decided to try it after many attempts with diet programs with no results that were lasting. I have been able to lose thirty pounds so far, and be able to return to the program and even after setbacks due to travel. This program not only reduced weight, but also increased activity, reduced blood pressure and cholesterol levels. I am still losing weight with a goal to be once again 180-190 pounds. I am very pleased with the program.
- Richard S.

Easier than My Past Diets

When I first started this first line therapy program, I thought here goes another diet!! But it was easy to follow and worked great. Three meals a day and snacks, I was satisfied and not hungry. I found that it became easier to make better choices at the store and when eating out. On my diets if I slipped, I felt like I failed and gave up, but this program is so easy to stick to I actually enjoy it.
- Linda S.

Finally Help with My Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS)

Dear Dr. Masrour: Thank you so much for your care in the treatment of my inflammatory bowel disease. When I came to you I was on a "lifetime" regimen of a prescription medication. The blood test that you ordered indicated all the foods to which I was sensitive. With that information, Dawn, the nutritionist in your office, designed simple, easy to follow meal plans that eliminated problem foods. You recommended UltraInflameX 360, a medical food with vitamins and probiotics. With your help and Dawn's I was able to discontinue the medication which both you and I consider toxic. I can say that my symptoms are mostly gone and manageable. I feel great! I appreciate and admire your preference for homeopathic treatment whenever possible. I also want to compliment your staff. They are friendly, helpful and efficient. Thank you again.
- Susan B.

No Pain Vitamin Injections that Really Work

I come to Dr. Masrour's office regularly for the vitamin injections that really help me with energy, weight loss and best of all I now have a very happy GI tract! Thank you for your terrific staff that truly cares about their patients.
- Michael R.


21301 Sherman Place, Suite 210, West Hills, CA 91307





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