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First Line Therapy
First Line Therapy
Healthy Transformation

First Line Therapy: Weight Loss, Treatment of Chronic Conditions, and Preventative Medicine in the San Fernando Valley

First Line Therapy
As its name implies, First Line Therapy is provided by West Hills, CA based, Board Certified Physician Dr. Ojen Masrour as the first line of therapy for both the Prevention or the Treatment of chronic health problems, including conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and more. Research has shown that First Line Therapy can also help to prevent and/or manage conditions such as diabetes, obesity, GI tract discomfort and disorders, cardiovascular conditions, arthritis, and stress related issues including fatigue and insomnia. Best of all, First Line Therapy is likely covered by your PPO health insurance plan, and is often covered by Medicare.*

Healthy Transformation
Designed to improve your overall health and wellbeing today, First Line Therapy is also a proven weight loss program that requires no upfront fees, nor the purchase of any pre-made meals. Instead, First Line Therapy offered by Dr. Ojen Masrour, in West Hills, California is covered by insurance and provides proven results by incorporating healthy nutrition, nutritional protocols, exercise, and stress management. First Line Therapy is custom-made to each individual in Southern California, whether you're looking to lose weight and keep it off, correct nutritional deficiencies, reduce distracting and painful symptoms of obesity, IBS, CFS, or whether you're merely looking to achieve your optimal health, and maintain it for years to come.

First Line Therapy: Weight Loss that Works for Southern Californians

First Line Therapy succeeds where other "weight loss" programs fail. Unlike national weight loss programs, where patients in Southern California pay for specific, prepared foods; First Line Therapy does not require patients to purchase any food or pre-made meals. Time has proven that most patients who lose a significant amount of weight through a weight loss program, by adhering to a strict diet, and prepared meals, eventually gain that weight back. Moreover, Dr. Masrour's patients who have tried these programs only to "fall off the wagon," report feelings of depression for not sticking to a strict regimen, which then triggers emotional eating.

Likewise, Dr. Masrour has treated countless patients in Southern California seeking to lose weight, who report that as soon they stop eating the specially designed meals that are a part of many popular weight loss plans, they gained back not only the weight they'd lost, but even more.

Discouraged, many people give up trying to lose weight altogether.First Line Therapy seeks to prevent this type of yo-yo dieting, and the emotional rollercoaster that ensure, by those who are struggling to lose weight. First Line Therapy-offered by Dr. Masrour, at his office in West Hills - instead provides Southern Californians struggling with their weight the opportunity to make an entire lifestyle change, to include eating habits, but also with a focus on overall wellbeing.

First Line Therapy IS:
  • Multi-Dimensional
  • Custom Tailored To Each Southern California Patient
  • Covered By Insurance (PPO And Medicare In Most Cases)
  • A Lifestyle Plan
  • Drug-Free
  • Sustainable
First Line Therapy is NOT:
  • One-Dimensional
  • One-Size-Fits-All Weight Loss Program
  • Expensive
  • Pre-Made Meals That Must Be Purchased
  • A Restrictive Diet
  • Weight Loss Drugs Or Prescription Medication
For patients in the San Fernando Valley who want to lose weight and keep it off, First Line Therapy provided by Board Certified Physician Dr. Ojen Masrour offers results through an overall wellness program. But pairing healthy eating plans, with a realistic exercise program, and lifestyle coaching, Dr. Masrour's patients who choose First Line Therapy as a way to lose weight and keep it off, report being able to eat foods that they like, that they can easily prepare, and that are both delicious and healthy. In addition to working directly with a lifestyle coach to custom tailor a realistic meal and weight loss plan, patients of Dr. Masrour lose weight steadily, while correcting nutritional deficiencies, and improving overall health. There are no meals to buy, no upfront fees to pay, and First Line Therapy is covered by PPO insurance and Medicare.*

As an added bonus, couples who both choose First Line Therapy as a way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight report that embarking on this healthy journey together strengthens their relationships, by empowering couples to spend time together focusing on health, and ultimately resulting in greater attraction to one another.

First Line Therapy: Successful Treatment of G.I. Disorders for Southern California Patients

Southern Californians suffering from Gastrointestinal disorders and conditions including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) report relief from symptoms after selecting First Line Therapy. In lieu of prescription drugs, First Line Therapy focuses on reducing the symptoms of digestive disorders through an overall wellness plan, which is much more than just a restricted diet plan.

Dr. Masrour's goal in treating patients with G.I. disorders is to bring your body back to a natural balance through considering and modifying not only diet, but all aspects of your life. First Line Therapy may involve Nutritional Deficiency testing, natural detoxification programs to clean the colon, vitamin injections to replace key nutrients and more. Patients with conditions including Irritable Bowel Syndrome find relief from symptoms, and a sustainable lifestyle designed to reduce discomfort from digestive tract disorders, after choosing Front Line Therapy, offered by Dr. Masrour. Many patients are also able to eliminate prescription medications from their life, by adopting the lifestyle choices encouraged through First Line Therapy.

Dr. Masrour utilizes First Line Therapy to help patients suffering from these digestive conditions and others to eliminate, minimize or prevent many medical issues. This enables him to work hand in hand with you to determine underlying causes of ailments, provide necessary education to enable you to make healthier lifestyle transformations, and monitor your progress as you work towards your goals. Dr. Masrour's Southern California patients who have benefited from First Line Therapy have reported that the ease of implementation of the program has helped them to make healthier choices, which has led them to feel better, overall.

First Line Therapy: Preventative Medicine for Southern Californians

Utilizing a comprehensive, functional approach to medical care, Dr. Masrour works with patients throughout the San Fernando Valley and Southern California to promote health and wellness through lifestyle choice education. That's why First Line Therapy is the lifestyle of choice for healthy Southern Californians seeking to prevent illness and maintain health for years to come.

First Line Therapy is frankly, all about NOT getting sick. The goal of the lifestyle program is to help Southern Californians to achieve and maintain optimal health naturally, so as to avoid illnesses in the future, and reduce the potential need for prescription medications. Through a series of nutritional testing, to include blood, urine or stool testing, Dr. Masrour is able to identify nutritional deficiencies which may weaken defenses against illness. He is then able to recommend methods of replenishing deficiencies, which may include supplements, or vitamin injections, in order to help you to maintain optimal health for years to come.

As a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine, Dr. Masrour does not limit his practice to traditional western medicine. His practice includes a focus and sub-specializations in weight loss, functional medicine, diabetes, cardio-metabolic risk reduction, preventative medicine, and men's and women's health. By utilizing First Line Therapies often in conjunction with natural, nutrogenic treatments, Dr. Masrour is only committed to one goal: partnering with you to implement a healthy lifestyle now, to ensure wellbeing for years to come.

To learn more about First Line Therapy provided by Dr. Ojen Masrour, please contact our West Hills, CA office today.

*Contact our office today to find out how your specific PPO, or Medicare benefits will cover your unique treatment and therapy.


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