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Best Doctor-Supervised Weight Loss Program in Los Angeles

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on October 20, 2017

No Pre-Made Meals, Extreme Diets, or Reality TV Shows. Most diets require a drastic reduction in food intake, a drastic increase of exercise, or are so restrictive that those following these popular diets and weight loss trends, eventually grow tired of the restrictions.

Give Your Mind & Body a Boost with Vitamin Injections at Healthy Transformations-A Lifestyle Medical Group in SoCal

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on September 15, 2017

For men and women in the San Fernando Valley who are focused on achieving optimum health, one of the best ways to give both your brain and your body a wellness boost is through vitamin injections.

Best Drug Free, Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program in Los Angeles and SFV Area

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on August 23, 2017

When you want or need to lose weight in the San Fernando Valley, there seems to be a miracle solution everywhere you look. But there are hidden dangers in extreme diets, and there are certainly potential side effects from both over-the-counter diet pills, and even prescription weight loss drugs.

Doctor Weight Loss Center LA-SFV: Fast Appointments - No Dieting

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on July 3, 2017

When you need to lose weight, and are serious about doing it the right way, you need to see Dr. Ojen Masrour...

Doctor Supervised HCG Injections for Safe Fast Weight Loss

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on June 1, 2017

Southern Californians interested in losing weight quickly under doctor supervision through HCG injections should schedule a consultation with Dr. Masrour today.

5 Secrets to Natural Weight Loss in Southern California

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on May 8, 2017

There's no denying that diets are in abundance in Southern California. Living in greater LA we are constantly reminded of all of the various ways to lose weight, and make sure our bodies are "beach-ready." Yet most diets focus on unnatural ways of losing weight. If you're looking to lose weight without signing up for meals delivered to your home, a diet consisting of pre-made meals, or taking dangerous diet pills, there are ways that you can do so. Here are 5 Secrets to losing weight naturally in Southern California.

Popular Weight Loss Programs: Why They Don't Work For So Many People in Southern California

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on April 25, 2017

Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, Garcinia Camboga, Lindora, Slim Fast, Grape Fruit Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Herbal Life, Hydroxycut, Detox Diet, Atkins, Southbeach Diet... Oh My!

Weight Loss in Los Angeles Can Be Easy & Inexpensive; Here's How

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on April 10, 2017

There's no getting around the fact that weight loss is a wildly profitable industry. From weekly delivered meals to frozen "diet" entrees, snacks and desserts, to gym memberships, personal trainers and more, a lot of people make a lot of money off Southern Californians who want and/or need to lose weight. They are able to do so because there is a pervasive myth that losing weight is by nature very difficult and thus worth all of the money spent on trying to do so.

Why Your Next Diet Shouldn't Be A Diet At All

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on March 15, 2017

For the overwhelming majority of Southern Californians, a diet is a short-term solution to an often lifelong struggle of maintaining a healthy weight. Unfortunately, the reality is that most diets are simply not sustainable for more than a few weeks, or months at most.

Hidden Dangers in Fad Diets: There is a Safer, Easier Way To Lose Weight in Los Angeles

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on January 3, 2017

Millions of Americans resolve to lose weight at the beginning of a New Year. Determined to finally find a method for safe, simple, and inexpensive weight loss, countless men and women in Los Angeles turn to fad diets to work miracles.

Vitamin Injections: Why they are More Effective than a Daily Vitamin

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on December 22, 2016

At Healthy Transformations, a Lifestyle Medical Group, we know that in order for your immune system to be strong, you need to be getting enough vitamins. Though it is possible to obtain all of the vitamins you need from a diet, in the fast paced world we live in here in greater Los Angeles, it can prove incredibly challenging to find and eat the foods that have the right amount of vitamins you need.

How Vitamin Injections Help You Look and Feel Your Best

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on November 4, 2016

Vitamins are the essential building blocks of good health. Going beyond diet and exercise, vitamins make a world of difference in helping your body and mind to operate at its fullest potential. At Healthy Transformations, a Lifestyle Medical Group in West Hills, CA, we understand how on-the-go life in Los Angeles can be, making it a difficult undertaking to prioritize wellness. That's where we come in. Rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all daily vitamin, why not fast-track and economize your health regimen, to get the most of out of your vitamin intake?

Lipotropic (MIC) Injections Now Available in West Hills to Help in Your Weight Loss

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on September 16, 2016

The science of losing weight is a field in which scientists, nutritionists, and medical professionals are constantly researching and learning. Just as new technology is always being rapidly developed, so too is the science of weight loss. One of the most exciting tools available today for those in the San Fernando Valley interested in reaching their healthiest weight is Lipotropic Injections.

Non-Surgical, No-Pain Laser Lipo in Los Angeles & Ventura County

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on July 6, 2016

There's no denying that most of us want to look our best. However, in order to look our best, we need to feel our best, which is precisely why Lila Laser Lipo (AKA Lila Strawberry Laser Lipo) produces a win-win for those living in the Los Angeles-Ventura County areas.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): What is it?

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on January 9, 2016

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), reports that up to 1 out of every 5 Americans has Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and 75% of them are women.

Natural Treatments for Digestive Problems

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on December 27, 2015

Too many people in Southern California live with digestive issues every day and think there's nothing that they can do about it without medicine. Fortunately, there are many natural treatments that can offer relief for even long-term sufferers of common digestive problems. It's crucial to identify the problem first. From there, Dr. Masrour, founder of Healthy Transformation Lifestyle Medical Group can help you to create a treatment plan that works for YOU.

Natural Relief for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on December 17, 2015

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) "is the most common functional bowel disorder and affects up to 20% of the US population." Getting relief from the very uncomfortable and often painful symptoms of IBS can be as straightforward as making changes in diet, exercise, stress management and natural supplementation. A holistic approach to treatment can offer permanent and sustainable symptom relief for even long-time sufferers.

Your New Year's Health Resolutions: Why They Rarely Work

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on November 20, 2015

It is fun to plan to make plans to become healthier via New Year's Resolutions. From losing weight, to eating better, to getting in shape, to changing lifestyle habits such as quitting smoking, or making it a priority to take vitamins, each years countless Southern Californian's will resolve that this year, really will be the year that they make health resolutions and stick to them.

The Vital Role Antioxidants Play in Maintaining Long Term Health

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on November 3, 2015

At Healthy Transformation Lifestyle Medical Group in West Hills, CA, patients of Dr. Masrour often ask: What exactly are antioxidants?

West Hills Family Medicine Physician Ojen Masrour, MD Presents "Patient-First Care"

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on September 25, 2015

Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician Dr. Ojen Masrour is proud of his continued "Patient-First Care" Program in his West Hills Healthy Transformation office.

Vitamin B-6 Injections: Why So Many People in Southern California Swear By Them

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on August 3, 2015

Vitamin B6 has long been associated with relief from multiple conditions, diseases and disorders. A natural anti-inflammatory, Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) works to help aid blood sugar levels in addition to increasing thyroid activity which then can boost your metabolic rate (AKA metabolism).

How is Metagenics Offered in West Hills by Dr. Masrour Different from Other Supplements?

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on July 24, 2015

Unlike traditional vitamins or supplements which aim to correct nutrient deficiencies, Metagenics uses clear science to prevent illness and to help people to feel their best through nutrigenomics, which studies how the right nutrition coupled with each individual's unique genes can maximize health and wellbeing.

The Last Weight Loss Program You'll Ever Need!

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on July 8, 2015

Time to get off the weight-loss roller coaster and change your life...

How Exactly Does Laser Lipo Work?

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on March 17, 2015

Here's the skinny on the fastest way to shave inches off your abdomen, thighs or hips without a single needle or medication!

Does Laser Lipo Really Work?

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on March 10, 2015

Former Skeptics Agree That Lila Strawberry Laser Lipo Provided By Healthy Transformation Lifestyle Medical Group In West Hills Exceeds Expectations.

Laser Lipo Now in West Hills!

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on January 11, 2015

Don't want to travel to Beverly Hills, Los Angeles or Newport Beach?
Now the state of the art Laser Lipo is in the West San Fernando Valley...

Glutathione Injections: Review & Benefits

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on December 9, 2014

Learn About the Mother of All Antioxidants

Sermorelin Injections: Right for You?

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on November 30, 2014

Low Energy? Body Aches? Read on...

Allergy Shots: Why They Work

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on November 11, 2014

It's allergy season, again. Time to do something about it...

Resveratrol and it's association with Cognitive Health

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on October 5, 2014

Resveratrol is responsible for increased memory & performance


By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on September 30, 2014

Probiotics enhance the immune system, helps prevent dementia and a multitude of gastrointestinal ailments.

Vitamin D, the Super Antioxidant

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on September 27, 2014

Vitamin D has become a hot topic in the news for the past 1-2 years and rightfully so. Let me explain to you just one of the very crucial benefits of vitamin D...

Laser Body Contouring with No Pain & No Down-Time!

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on September 27, 2014

Almost every body part can be treated with the LiLa Strawberry Laser Lipo with instantaneous results in front of your own eyes.

Welcome to Healthy Transformation - Dr. Ojen Masrour

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on August 24, 2014

We invite you to visit this section frequently as we will be posting news, events and information that will be important to everyone


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