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Doctor Weight Loss Center LA-SFV: Fast Appointments - No Dieting

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on July 3, 2017

When you need to lose weight, and are serious about doing it the right way, you need to involve your doctor in your weight loss plan. Too many times, men and women in greater Los Angeles attempt extreme diets, which put them at risk for missing out on necessary minerals, nutrients and vitamins necessary to stay healthy while losing weight. That's just one reason that you need to entrust your health and wellbeing during your weight loss to a doctor who is an expert in helping people to lose weight, without sacrificing health.

At Healthy Transformation MD, Dr. Ojen Masrour specializes in doctor supervised weight loss through his comprehensive and successful program. With fast appointments available, men and women from the San Fernando Valley and beyond can begin losing weight without extreme dieting today. Dr. Masrour's program is a 100% doctor supervised weight loss and wellness plan which involves a combination of:
  • Basic Exercise
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Science-Based Nutritional Advice
  • Simple Eating Plan
  • Stress Management
To assure that you receive all vitamins and nutrients your body needs while losing weight in Los Angeles, Dr. Masrour helps you to plan healthy meals, and offers vitamin injections or nutritional supplement recommendations, when necessary. In addition, a simple exercise program (which won't even require a gym membership) will be designed to meet your goals, and appropriate for your fitness level, so that you begin losing weight quickly, but safely.

You will not have to buy any pre-made diet foods, with this weight-loss program. Even better, this may be covered by your insurance, unlike other extreme diets or weight loss plans. Furthermore, this program does not involve any type of medication, either, making it a natural, effective, and sustainable weight loss program that will help you to lose weight - whether you need to lose 10 lbs., or you need to lose a significant amount of weight.

It's well documented that stress can lead to weight gain, in addition to wreaking havoc on other vital systems such as your cardiovascular system. As such, doctor supervised weight loss offered in Los Angeles at Healthy Transformation MD includes a stress management component, designed to help you learn to relax, set healthy goals and boundaries, manage your life more efficiently, and sleep better at night.

Perhaps what is most unique about First Line Therapy is that it is wholly customized to meet each patient's individual goals, while improving current health, and advancing overall fitness. It's not a one-size-fits all diet plan, that will only work for some people.

First Line Therapy, the doctor supervised weight loss program of choice for countless LA and SFV men and women yields fast results, with no upfront fees to pay.

If you're ready to take control of your eating habits, lose weight, get in better shape, and make sure that you're getting all the vitamins and nutrients you need to keep you strong and healthy, you're ready to try First Line Therapy, available at Healthy Transformation MD today.

Dr. Ojen Masrour, founder of Healthy Transformation MD based in West Hills, CA offers First Line Therapy as a safe, healthy, doctor-supervised weight loss program designed to help men and women lose weight, while improving overall health through balanced nutrition, stress reduction, simple, yet effective exercise, and nutritional testing. Dr. Masrour's objective is to partner with Southern California men and women to begin living their healthiest lives now, to safeguard against illness and disease in the future. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Masrour. We can always be reached at 818- 702-9962.


21301 Sherman Place, Suite 210, West Hills, CA 91307





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