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Vitamin B-6 Injections: Why So Many People in Southern California Swear By Them

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on August 3, 2015

Vitamin B6 has long been associated with relief from multiple conditions, diseases and disorders. A natural anti-inflammatory, Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) works to help aid blood sugar levels in addition to increasing thyroid activity which then can boost your metabolic rate (AKA metabolism).

B6Many patients who receive vitamin injection therapy, including Vitamin B6 shots report a boost in energy, while others report that it has strengthened their immune systems. Other patients at the Healthy Transformation Lifestyle Medical Group in West Hill, CA report that the vitamin injection helps them to sleep, alleviates nerve pain, helps with arthritis, and there are indications that it even helps with cholesterol, and Alzheimer's disease.

Still other studies have shown that injections of Vitamin B6 may help with carpal tunnel syndrome, asthma, depression, edema, PMS, and acne.

If you believe that you may be a candidate for Vitamin B6 Injections, contact Healthy Transformation Lifestyle Medical Group by calling 818-702-9962 to schedule a nutritional deficiency screening with Dr. Masrour today.

Board Certified Physician Dr. Ojen Masrour is on the medical staff at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center, a 2013 recipient of the Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence. As a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine, Dr. Masrour treats patients in all stages of life. His practice includes a focus and sub-specializations in weight loss, functional medicine, diabetes, cardio-metabolic risk reduction, preventative medicine, and men's and women's health. Schedule an appointment at the Healthy Transformation Lifestyle Medical Group in West Hills, CA today. Dr. Masrour proudly accepts numerous insurance plans.


21301 Sherman Place, Suite 210, West Hills, CA 91307





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