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Vitamin Injections: Why they are More Effective than a Daily Vitamin

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on December 22, 2016

VitaminsAt Healthy Transformations, a Lifestyle Medical Group, we know that in order for your immune system to be strong, you need to be getting enough vitamins. Though it is possible to obtain all of the vitamins you need from a diet, in the fast paced world we live in here in greater Los Angeles, it can prove incredibly challenging to find and eat the foods that have the right amount of vitamins you need.

That's precisely where vitamin injections, such as those offered by Dr. Masrour, M.D., founder of Healthy Transformation, A Lifestyle Medical Group in West Hills, CA, come into play. Vitamin injections offered by Dr. Masrour are designed to penetrate into the blood rather than being passed through the body without being absorbed, which often happens with a multi-vitamin pill. With vitamin injections, you can rest assured that enough of the key vitamins that your body needs are being absorbed.

Whether you're looking for an energy boost, you're concerned that your diet isn't providing proper vitamins, or you're focused on preventing illness, vitamin injections are a safe and healthy way to feel your best now, and boost your immune system for the future.

As an added bonus, vitamin injections can help to improve your metabolism, increase your body's fat burning efficiency, help you to detox your system, and may even help with stress management, and reduce pain brought about by muscle spasms, or nerve pain.

At Healthy Transformation, a Lifestyle Medical Group based in Southern California, Board Certified Dr. Ojen Masrour is proud to offer vitamin injections in conjunction with First Line Therapy, which is the first line of therapy for both the prevention or the treatment of chronic health problems, including conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and more. Research has shown that First Line Therapy can also help to prevent and/or manage conditions such as diabetes, obesity, GI tract discomfort and disorders, cardiovascular conditions, arthritis, and stress related issues including fatigue and insomnia.

Designed to improve your overall health and wellbeing today, adding vitamin injections, in conjunction with First Line Therapy may prove to be the best decision you've made for your health today, because it is setting you up for a healthy tomorrow.

As a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine, Dr. Masrour does not limit his West Hills, CA practice to traditional western medicine. His practice includes sub-specializations in weight loss, functional medicine, diabetes, cardio-metabolic risk reduction, preventative medicine, and men's and women's health.

Dr. Masrour treats adults from ages 16-99. His practice operates as a typical internal medicine practice with a huge emphasis on lifestyle oriented medicine targeted to decrease risk factors, medication usage/ side effects and prevention of disease. This includes the use of vitamin injections.

If you'd like to talk with Dr. Masrour about why the addition of specific supplements or foods may help you to feel your best, contact Healthy Transformation, A Lifestyle Medical Group by calling our West Hills, CA office at 818-702-9962.


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