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Why Your Next Diet Shouldn't Be A Diet At All

By: Dr. Ojen Masrour on March 15, 2017

For the overwhelming majority of Southern Californians, a diet is a short-term solution to an often lifelong struggle of maintaining a healthy weight. Unfortunately, the reality is that most diets are simply not sustainable for more than a few weeks, or months at most.

The reason that most diets don't work is due to the fact that drastically restricting the types of food you're "allowed" to eat, may work for a period of time. Yet, virtually all dieters will succumb to cravings in time. Sadly, the emotional toll that dieters often pay, once they do "cheat" include feelings of guilt or shame for "failing." This in turn leads too many people to give up altogether on weight loss. The vicious cycle of dieting, losing weight, and gaining weight often endures for years, or decades. But there is good news. That cycle can be stopped immediately.

For men and women from Hidden Hills to Tarzana, and Westlake to Encino, there is a better way to lose weight, and keep it off, without dieting, surgery, purchasing expensive meals, or hiring a personal trainer. The solution to sustainable weight loss in Los Angeles County instead, lies in a reasonable, healthy, doctor-supervised weight loss and lifestyle program called First Line Therapy.

First Line Therapy, available at Healthy Transformations, a Lifestyle Medical Group based in West Hills, is a proven weight loss strategy, frequently covered by health insurance. In direct contrast to fad diets, First Line Therapy is not prohibitive at all. It is a comprehensive lifestyle change, which incorporates:
  • Basic Exercise
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Science-Based Nutritional Advice
  • Simple Eating Plan
  • Stress Management
Dr. Ojen Masrour, founder of Healthy Transformations, provides First Line Therapy to Southern Californians who are ready to not only lose weight, but who are seeking an overall healthier lifestyle. As such, First Line Therapy has proven successful for men and women from Calabasas to Sherman Oaks, who are ready to take control of their overall well-being, through learning new eating habits, ensuring they are receiving adequate vitamins and minerals, and who are willing to engage in moderate exercise.

Through the pairing of healthy eating plans in conjunction with a reasonable exercise program, and lifestyle coaching, First Line Therapy has proven to be a safe, inexpensive, and easy way to lose weight and keep it off. Custom-tailored to each and every Los Angeles area patient, First Line Therapy is most certainly not a one-size-fits-all diet plan. Instead, it is a multi-dimensional plan that is uniquely designed for each patient. There are no meals to buy, and no upfront fees to pay. First Line Therapy is also absolutely drug free.

Better yet, First Line Therapy offered by Dr. Masrour, is medically supervised, and includes nutritional testing performed at our West Hills, CA office. Through identifying any existing nutritional deficiencies, First Line Therapy also plays a critical role in preventing illness brought about by a lack of vital nutrients and vitamins.

When you're ready to lose weight, but can't bear the thought of going on yet another diet, contact Healthy Transformations today to learn more about First Line Therapy-the only weight loss program you'll ever need again.

As a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine, Dr. Masrour, founder of Healthy Transformations based in West Hills, CA does not limit his practice to traditional western medicine. His practice includes a focus and sub-specializations in weight loss, functional medicine, diabetes, cardio-metabolic risk reduction, preventative medicine, and men's and women's health. Dr. Masrour is only committed to one goal: partnering with patients in Southern California to implement a healthy lifestyle now, to ensure wellbeing for years to come. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Masrour. We can always be reached at 818- 702-9962.


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